Lisieux and St Teresa's life

How to get There

By road: Paris-Caen RN 13 motorway A13 (exit for Pont l'Evêque) Rouen-Le Mans RN 138-D579 exit for Gacé.

By train: SNCF of Lisieux Axe Paris-Lisieux-Caen-Cherbourg Paris-Lisieux-Deauville Rouen-Lisieux-Caen

Avion: Airport of Deauville Saint Gatien to 25 km Airport of Caen Carpiquet to 50 km

Ferry: Daily crossings Caen-Porthmouth Le Havre-Souththampton

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History and Message

Lisieux At the end of Mass one day in july 1887 at St Peter's Cathedral in Lisieux, Therese was meditating before a picture of Jesus on the cross and this is how she expressed her overwhelming feeling at that moment. "I would take up my stand, in spirit, at the foot of the Cross. That cry of our Lord's on the cross, "I'm thirsty went on echoing in my heart. How could I allay his thirst for souls execpt by sharing it ?" She had just discovered the way that she had to follow : to save souls through prayer and sacrifice.

In 1888, at the age of 15, she joined the Carmelites at Lisieux. In 1899, France discovered the spiritual message of this young nun, who had died earlier at the age of 24, through her autobiography The Story of a Soul (English title : Autobiography of a Saint). After Saint Pius X has described her as "the greatest saint of modern times", little Therese was proclaimed patron saint of the missions and second patron saint of France. Her fame then spread across the globe and pilgrims came flocking to Lisieux in ever greater numbers. The monumental basilica of St Therese was built between 1929 and 1937 as an outward sign of this fervour.

On october 1997, in recognition of the relevance to our time and the universal nature of her message, Therese became the third woman after St Teresa of Avila and St Catherine of Sienna to be raised to the rank of Doctor of the Church.

Tourist Environment

Lisieux is the capital of the Pays d'Auge. Its outstanding history is a chance for the visitor to stay in the very heart of some authentic country You can take the Lisieux during the 19th century itinerary to follow in the liftle saint's footsteps around the town, one way of geffing to know her, through the various quarters and events of her time.

A second walk will take you to discover Lisieux during the Middle Ages. In the footsteps of the count-bishops, top level mediaeval diplomate close to the dukes of Normandy and the kings of France and England, the town is viewed through its rich mediaeval heritage.

The town still has a number of half-timbered houses and typical manor-houses that are well worth admiring. Its main feature is St Peter's Cathedral, a remarkable visit to take in along with other monuments connected with St Therese. Lisieux is a also good base from which to explore the remarkable manor-houses, cheese dairies and distilleries of the Pays d'Auge, on foot, by carriage or by coach. A variety of tours are available to open up the Little Secrets or the history of the Heart of the Pays d'Auge.

Not forgetting its green environment which earned it the title of Town in the country, and its good food specialities which restaurants offer by the name of "Repas du terroir", Lisieux has an outstandingly broad range of activities on offer. Life in Lisieux is punctuated by theTree Fair, the marketplaces for local produce, the "Picot" (turkey) market, the Blues Festival, the Jesters' Fete, the P.

Cornu model aircraft and flying toy festival, the theatre season, and more.

Among leisure activities, there is a fabulous water theme centre, the Nautile, with a 52 metre slide, bubbling pools, saunas etc. Lisieux is ideally located for a visit to Normandy, to discover William the Conqueror and other characters who have left their mark on local history. The Lisieux and Pays d'Auge Tourist Centre is available to help anyone wishing to visit the region while on a pilgrimage.

For Your Pilgrimage

A day for a pilgrim tourist

9:00 am Visit to the Basilica and the crypt
10:00 Diorama at the Therese martin Museum
11:00 Visit to the Carmelite chapel Lunch
2:00 pm Discover Lisieux at the time of Therese with a visit to St Peter's Cathedral
4:00 Visit to St-Gemain-du-Livet castle, the wonder of the Pays d'Auge.
5:30 Taste some cider and "teurgoule", a speciality of Normandy (rice pudding flavoured with cinnamon).
The tourist ofice and the pilgrims' welcoming departement are ready to help you plan or adapt your stay to fit with the time you have available. The region has many places of interest and offers a choice of guides tours.