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How to get in Lourdes ?

Are you planning to come to Lourdes and visit the sanctuaries? Then you have to know by what means! The Maison du Pèlerin gives you advice and articles which will help you organize your trip and enjoy your stay in Lourdes.

You will find an overview about how to come to Lourdes: how to come by train, by plane or by car, and where to park in Lourdes. You will also find a list of travel agencies offering direct flights to Lourdes.

Coming by car

venir en voiture Follow the advice of the Maison du Pèlerin to organise your route to Lourdes. Before arriving in Lourdes, check where you can find free parking lots.

Coming by plane

avion You can get to Lourdes via two international airports: Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées and Pau Pyrénées, respectively 10 and 40 km away from Lourdes.

Coming by train

venir en train The French national railway company (SNCF) offers multiple possibilities to go to Lourdes by train. TGV, TER or night train: be assured you will find a train that suits your schedule!

Direct flights to Lourdes

avions directs Find out which airports have direct flights to Lourdes !