Coming by train

Arriving from Paris or Bordeaux

The TGV line connects Paris Montparnasse to Lourdes in a little bit less than 6 hours. Benefit of the advantages offered by travelling by train: have something to eat at the bar carriage, or bring as much luggage as you need. This could be very convenient if you are planning to go skiing in the Pyrenees or if you want to enjoy the mountains with your bicycle, for instance, by cycling down the Pic du Jer.

 SNCF website or call Alexandra  at +33 5 62 94 04 11

Arriving from Hendaye, Dax or Toulouse

L'axe Hendaye - Tarbes s'arrête à Lourdes et vous offre ainsi la possibilité de choisir parmi les nombreux horaires offerts par les TER. La ligne Bordeaux - Tarbes dessert également Dax, Pau et Lourdes.

The line Hendaye – Tarbes stops in Lourdes so you can benefit of the numerous flexible train times of the TER. The line Bordeaux – Tarbes also stops in Dax, Pau and Lourdes.

This line might also be very useful if you are planning to make a few excursions and visit the region Midi-Pyrénées, Tarbes or Toulouse as well as the region Aquitaine, and the cities of Pau or Biarritz.

Railway station in Lourdes

The Lourdes railway station is located about 2 kilometres away from the sanctuaries. Remember to book a taxi or a transfer shuttle before arriving.