La Maison du Pèlerin
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65100 Lourdes

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La Maison du Pèlerin - your travel agency

La Maison du Pèlerin was founded in 1952 by Louis Barrère. Originally intended to act as a centralised hotel reservation service, it enabled numerous French national diocese and religious movements to find a welcome specially tailored to pilgrims' needs: a smiling face, a friendly service and the best possible value for money. While preparing for major events in 1954 and 1958, it was decided that the Maison du Pèlerin should become a travel agency. This was a necessary move, so that it could satisfy all of the pilgrims' needs. We have been a Limited Company since 1980 and we guarantee the kind of safety and reliability you would expect.

Maison du Pelerin

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