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The Musée Grévin

Presentation of the Musée Grévin

Musee Grevin de Lourdes The Lourdes Musée Grévin, also known as the “wax museum of Lourdes” is one of the main touristic activities in Lourdes: it receives more than 2,000,000 visitors a year. The name Grévin is internationally famous: it is for you a warranty of quality and genuineness.

Discover the 18 scenes and more than 100 real-sized wax characters presented by the decorators of the prestigious Musée Grévin de Paris. Relive the story of Christ and Bernadette. You will also find a true copy of the reliquary in which Saint Bernadette rests in Nevers.

Do not miss this true and fascinating experience!

Practical information

There is a bus and car parking lot near the museum.
Opened from Easter to the end of October (from 9am to 11:20pm and 1pm to 6:30pm)
Night visits in July and August (8:30pm to 10pm)
The visit takes about 30 minutes and is available in several languages.

Musée grévin
87 rue de la Grotte

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Musee Grevin of Lourdes Musee Grevin of Lourdes