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The Saint Peter city

Bernadette Soubirous wanted for Lourdes to have a welcoming place for the families in need. More than 55 years after she pronounced this request, the mission of the "Cité Saint Pierre" has evolved.

The Saint Peter City or the shock of the encounter

the saint peter city

The Saint Peter City was founded in 1955 by Secours Catholique (a catholic charity) to provide, according to Bernadette Soubirous's wish, a shelter and food to the families in great need. It became year after year an international gathering place to pray, meet and think about the thematic of poverty and charity. About 150,000 people come every year.

Today, it is also willing to give voice to the ones who suffer of injustice and exclusion. Each year, 24,000 people in need for care and hope are welcomed in the Saint Peter City, during a pilgrimage. A lot of them come to Lourdes to find hope and courage and to find a sense to their lives.

The Saint Peter City can receive 500 persons in 287 rooms (1 or 2 beds), in 6 houses built on an 18-hectar piece of land. There is no fee: each pilgrim is free to contribute according to his means.

The Saint Peter City is managed and animated by 25 salaried employees, in addition to 100 permanent volunteers. Each year, more than 1,000 volunteers come to offer their help.

Practical information

The Saint Pierre City is always looking for volunteers. If you want to apply, here are the conditions: you must be aged 18 to 70, be in good health and speak French. If you are interested, contact the Saint Pierre city:

Cité Saint-Pierre
33 avenue Mgr. Jean Rodhain

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